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04 luglio 2016 | 14:36

Communication Specialist strategic planning and execution of complex communication plan

Art Director, Journalist, Communication Manager. Specialized in strategic planning and execution of complex communication plan. Under a limited supervision, abile to collaborate successfully like a Senior Assistant to support the Chief of a department staff and with managers at all levels.

Personal skills and competences

> Italian and Spanish: Mother tongue, Fluent written and spoken. Italian Certificate of Attendance: Professional Journalist (Bar registered since 2001)
> English: good command of written and spoken

Computer Knowledge
> Mac users since 1987
> Experienced use of microsoft office 365
> Experienced use of the main browsers, desktop publishing and graphics, photo,
video, audio programs.

Work Experience and ReferencesS
available upon request.

Libero subito:
Martin Enrico Iglesias
> Communication Specialist
> Journalist Milan, Italy

Driving Licence (Category A+B)

Date of birth: 10/01/1966
+39 02 29520930 Home
+39 339 5834637 Mobile
+39 02 87161544 Fax

Nominativo : IGLESIAS Martin Enrico
E-mail :
Telefono : +39.339.5834637