Burner è l’app giusta per il giornalista d’assalto


Burner è l’app  che la giornalista Sarah Marshall consiglia ai reporter d’assalto sul sito journalism.co.uk.

L’app trasforma lo smartphone in un ‘burner phone’, fornendo numeri temporanei di qualsiasi città su richiesta dell’utente, senza bisogno di acquistare una sim. E’ pensata per il giornalismo d’inchiesta nei casi in cui è necessario non essere rintracciabili. Dopo il periodo prescelto, si potrà eliminare il numero, semplicemente ‘burn it’.

L'app Burner
L’app Burner (foto: www.journalism.co.uk)

App for journalists: Burner, for disposable phone numbers

This Android and iPhone app turns your smartphone into a burner phone by providing temporary numbers

App of the week for journalists: Burner

Devices: iPhone, Android

Cost: Free, but you pay for the temporary phone numbers

What is it? Turns your smartphone into a burner phone by providing temporary numbers. You can select the town or city’s area code and choose a phone number.

How is it of use to journalists?

Some journalists are dealing with subjects so sensitive that they need to consider telephone security. Investigative journalists have long used so-called burner phones, whereby they buy a sim card and then dispose of it.
This app allows you to buy temporary numbers. You are able to choose which town or city you want the temporary number to appear to come from.

For example, I selected London and was able to choose from a range of 020 numbers and buy a number which lasts for 30 days for £1.99.
The number works for incoming calls, outgoing calls, voicemail and SMS. You can also manage ringtones for each burner.
When you are finished using the number, you can ‘burn’ it, taking it out of service and wiping it from your phone as if it never existed.