Online la piattaforma ‘Voices of Gaza’ dedicata a giornalisti e media


Alcune persone che vivono o hanno vissuto a Gaza negli ultimi anni hanno lanciato ‘Voices of Gaza’, una piattaforma online dedicata a giornalisti e media dove trovare informazioni sull’operazione ‘Protective Edge’ che viene condotta in questi giorni a Gaza. Si tratta soprattutto di una raccolta di voci e informazioni non filtrate provenienti dalla popolazione di Gaza, nonchè di una risorsa per accedere a notizie di prima mano.

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We are a group of people that have lived or are currently living in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. We have created this page as a link between the ordinary people of Gaza who endure occupation, closure and frequent military attacks, and the international media who are reporting on the ongoing conflict.

What does daily life in the Gaza Strip look like during escalations and military offensives?

On this page, people living in Gaza – young, old, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons – reflect on their experiences through writings, video, audio, and photographs. This page contains only personal stories which have been verified prior to posting.

The Palestinian people killed in attacks on Gaza are not ‘numbers’, their homes are not ‘targeted infrastructures’, and their experiences are not comparable to the experiences of Israelis. However, Palestinians casualties are often reduced to statistics, and their destroyed homes are called ‘targets’. They live in one of the most densely-populated areas in the world, and are subject to the frequent threat of heavy shelling, without any air raid signals, basements or safe haven. Yet, their situation is often compared to that of Israelis, who are protected by an ‘Iron Dome’, air raid alarms and bomb shelters. Although living through the same conflict, the daily realities of people in the Gaza Strip and Israel are far from the same.

In order for reporting to be comprehensive, with meaningful insights and perspectives, these personal accounts are invaluable. Through this page, we hope that the voices and faces of people in the Gaza Strip can be included by the news outlets that report about them.