Euronews lancia due nuovi canali su YouTube: Euronews Discover ed Euronews Business


Con  Euronews Discover e Business il gruppo Euronews offre canali tematici ad un pubblico di appassionati. Come riporta il comunicato di Euronews , grazie al sostegno di una redazione di 400 giornalisti provenienti da 30 paesi diversi  ha amliato la sua offerta digitale con il lancio di due canali su YouTube: Euronews Discover, dedicato ai viaggi e alla natura, e Euronews Business per il mondo della finanza.

Qui puoi trovare Euronews Discover:; qui Euronews Businnes:

Di seguito riportiamo il comunicato ufficiale di Euronews:

With Euronews Discover and Euronews Business the Group offers thematic channels to an audience of enthusiasts.
Backed by its editorial department of 400 journalists from 30 different countries, Euronews is enlarging its digital offering by announcing the launch of two all-new channels on YouTube. Now, not only will online viewers be able to find the latest business news on Euronews Business, they’ll also get analysis, computer graphics and interviews with renowned leaders.

Nature, the animal world, festivals and travel are the focus of the unique window on the world offered by Euronews Discover. Here, all the passion for diverse subjects and points of view of the Euronews editorial department is found in the richness of the themes addressed. These two channels, which just began broadcasting, join Euronews Knowledge, the very first thematic channel launched in April 2013, dedicated to science, space and technology, which attracted almost 200,000 subscribers in just six months.
Euronews, which introduced its first international channel on YouTube in 2007, is now, with its network of twenty channels, part of the Google Preferred Channel Program in France, a list of the most high-performing channels on YouTube.

20 Euronews channels YouTube including 3 thematics TV