La campagna di Unicef che estrae l’acqua da Twitter


Estrarre l’acqua dai tweet? È l’idea di Unicef lanciata in occasione della giornata mondiale dell’acqua il 22 marzo. Sul sito  H2O Challenge si estraggono l’H, il 2 e la O che compongono la formula chimica dell’acqua e si monetizza il dato numerico, facendo una donazione all’Unicef. La somma raccolta sarà utilizzata per aiutare i bambini del Togo.

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Il comunicato dell’iniziativa:

We found water on Twitter !

Withe the help of publicis conseil, Unicef France collects it to help children of Togo

March 22 is World Water Day.

An amazing opportunity for all concerned humanitarian organizations to raise awareness for lack of drinking water in the developing world. Every year, UNICEF France contributes to this event by organizing the “Night of Water”. For the 8th year, UNICEF is launching in collaboration with Publicis Conseil a unique digital campaign: the “H2O Challenge”

The Idea ? To collect water on Twitter in order to give it to those who need it the most. This year donations will go to the children of Togo.

“H2O Challenge” is the first project in the world that does not use Twitter as a communication channel but actually puts it in a heart of its actions. It is a unique and entertaining experience. Internet users can filter their Twitter account to extract H, 2 and O from there and then create virtual water molecules. Once they are transformed into a donation, this water will become real for the children of Togo.

A unique initiative that doesn’t rely on media buying, the « #H2OChallenge » is dedicated to everyone who wants to do something to cope with this major issue. UNICEF representatives, volunteers, companies, journalists, influencers, politicians, opinion leaders…Everyone who will spread a word about this project will help us to bring it to life.

The H2O challenge will be launched on March 20th, and will invite Twitter users to scan their accounts. The aim is to create a buzz and awareness as fast as possible in order to collect maximum water in the shortest period of time.

We definitely count on your participation!