Il passaparola scavalca il marketing nel mondo del b2b. Lo studio di Emarketer sull'influenza delle strategie di vendita (INFOGRAFICA)


Cosa influenza le decisioni nel mondo del b2b? Il passaparola sembra avere la meglio sul marketing.  Opinioni di colleghi e contenuti online indipendenti condizionano le scelta d’acquisto. Lo riporta uno studio del sito emarketer.

Business-to-business decision-makers are clear on who they trust, and who influences them, when thinking about what to buy for their firms. Word-of-mouth is a key driver, with businesspeople looking to friends in the industry and other third-party experts ahead of traditional or digital marketing resources. Nearly every B2B professional surveyed in March 2015 by the International Data Corporation (IDC) trusted peers and colleagues, and trust in independent content wasn’t far behind. Respondents also noted a good amount of trust in vendor content on websites (81%), and even salespeople (73%) and vendor-sponsored content (67%).

But when it came time to directly influence a decision, word-of-mouth won out—and marketing lost.

Nearly two in five respondents said their professional network was the No. 1 most influential source at purchasing time. Industry experts came in second place, followed by internal influencers. Vendor-supplied content was a distant fourth, with just 14% of responses.

Of course, that doesn’t mean B2B marketers’ efforts are all in vain. Lead nurture campaigns, for example, have proved effective, along with personalization and targeting efforts.