Il ‘New York Times’ nomina Jim Rutenberg media columnist. Ricoperto il ruolo che fu di David Carr


Lo scorso martedì il ‘New York Times’ ha annunciato che il capo corrispondente politico del ‘Sunday magazine’ Jim Rutenberg diventa media columnist, ricoprendo il ruolo che è stato reso vacante dopo la morte (circa un anno fa) di David Carr.

“La ricerca del successore di David è stata completata – dichiarano Dean Baquet e Dean Murphy, rispettivamente executive director e business director del quotidiano – Jim porta al ‘Times’ una passione per la storia, esperienza nel settore e l’occhio esperto di un acuto osservatore” si legge su .

Jim Rutenberg (Foto New York Times)

New York Times Names New Media Columnist

The New York Times said on Tuesday that Jim Rutenberg, chief political correspondent for the Sunday magazine,would become its media columnist, filling a role that has been vacant since the death of David Carr about ayear ago.

“Our hunt for David’s successor has been exhaustive, and we were privileged to have had extraordinary candidates from both inside and outside The Times,” the newspaper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, and its business editor, Dean Murphy, said in a memo to the staff. “Jim brings to the job a passion for the story, atrack record in covering the industry and the experienced eye of an astute observer.”

Mr. Rutenberg, 46, joined The Times in 2000, from The New York Observer, to cover the media industry. He has since been an investigative reporter and a White House correspondent. Most recently, he worked on a series
for the magazine about voting rights. His first article in the series prompted a letter to the editor from President Obama. His inaugural media column will be in the coming weeks, the memo said. He will continue tocontribute to the magazine.

“It’s an honor and beyond daunting to be granted the space that David filled in such a special way, which touched so many people,” Mr. Rutenberg said. “There can never be another David Carr, so I can only hope to do his legacy, and the paper, proud.”

Mr. Carr, who made his Media Equation column a must-read for those both inside and outside the industry, died last February. The Times has since named a fellowship for him.