Christophe des Arcis, direttore delle risorse umane di Euronews


Michael Peters, ceo di Euronews, il 12 gennaio 2016 ha nominato Christophe des Arcis direttore delle risorse umane del gruppo media.

Christophe des Arcis, direttore delle risorse umane di Euronews (foto Linkedin)

Ecco, di seguito, il comunicato.

As announced at the official opening of its new global headquarters back in October, the Euronews SA group is beginning the design phase of its “Euronews NEXT” project, which aims to deliver the news group’s digital transformation and to overhaul its offering. To do this, all of the group’s organisation and workflows will be redesigned.

Michael Peters has assigned the human resources strand of Euronews NEXT to Christophe des Arcis, whose HR
expertise and media and digital-business knowledge will be essential in achieving change at the group. Christophe des Arcis has exercised his skills for TV channels including TF1, Eurosport, France 24 and LCI.

He replaces Julie Laszczyk-Prebay, who will focus on personal projects.

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, declared: “At a time when news is moving faster than ever and consumer habits are changing quickly, Euronews must reinvent itself. Our response to these shifts is a strategy involving all the group’s employees. Digital transformation and the overhaul of our news offering will considerably change our organisation at all levels. To lead this project I have enlisted Christophe des Arcis, a recognised media HR professional whose qualities will provide us all with efficient solutions to support this fundamental transformation.”

Christophe des Arcis added: “When Michael Peters set out his plans for Euronews, which has just welcomed a new majority shareholder and moved into an ultra-modern HQ, I was enthused by the challenge. I am delighted to dedicate my experience and energy to a strong vision, and to contribute to Euronews’ development by helping it reach the next level in human-resources management. At Euronews I have discovered a sense of pride at belonging to a unique company, with 30 nationalities in Lyonand at its subsidiaries. With these teams and this project, Euronews has an exciting future and is destined to succeed.”

About Christophe des Arcis

A graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Christophe des Arcis is a Human Resources specialist. He began his career in 1986 in the construction division of the Bouygues group, before joining the media world in 1995 with the TF1 group, as HR Director of LCI (1995-1998) then of Eurosport (1998-2008). From 2004 to 2008, he was also HRD of TMC and of paid channels such as TV Breizh and Histoire. In 2005-2006, he was the first HRD of France 24, co-launched by TF1 and France Télévisions. From 2008 until 2015, he was Director of HR Development at the TF1 group, which during this period was conducting a complete overhaul of its organisation. He was instrumental in obtaining the Diversity label for the group. In parallel, Christophe des Arcis was in charge of internal communications and also HRD for several subsidiaries including e-TF1, which runs the group’s digital activities.