Dal selfie al clown, dal gufo all’avocado. Le nuove emoticons del 2016


Unicode, l’ente responsabile del sistema di codifica dei testi e delle emoticons, ha annunciato che in estate arriveranno su tutti gli smartphone nuove faccine. I primi utenti che potranno avvalersi di questa novità dovrebbero essere i possessori di un sistema operativo iOS, grazie all’update 10.0 atteso appunto nei mesi estivi.

Create dall’artista Joshua M. Jones, come si legge su Popsugar.com, fra le nuove emoticons potremo trovare: il selfie, la faccina col naso lungo (di chi dice una bugia), il clown. Invece, per le faccine quali quelle raffiguranti volatili (l’aquila, la papera ed il gufo) è stato contattato anche il Cornell University Lab of Ornithology: delle 16 specie richieste, solo 3 ne sono state realizzate.

Le nuove Emoji (foto Popsugar.com)

38 New Emoji Are Coming, Including Avocado!

Back in May, the Unicode Consortium released the candidate list of new emoji that will arrive in 2016. While these emoji still need to be approved by operating systems before they make it onto our phones, Emojipedia has just released designs of what the emoji could look like.

Created by artist Joshua M. Jones, the “emoji mock-ups” are well done and will make you wish they existed right now. The new expressions, like selfie and lying face, are excellent, and while many people aren’t fans of the clown face, we think he’s all right.

These emoji are part of the Unicode 9 update expected to be released in June 2016. Many of these were requested by a variety of groups or pointed out to the Consortium as certain “gender counterparts” that were missing. For example, there’s a princess but no prince and a Father Christmas but no Mother Christmas.

As for coming up with new bird emoji, the highly renowned Cornell University Lab of Ornithology was consulted. While the group asked for 16 new bird emoji, only three made the cut: the eagle, duck, and owl emoji.

Here’s the full list of the 38 new emoji:

Face with cowboy hat
Clown face
Nauseated face
Rolling on the floor laughing
Drooling face
Lying face
“Call me” hand
Raised back of hand
Left-facing fist
Right-facing fist
Hand with first and index finger crossed
Pregnant woman
Face palm
Man dancing
Man in tuxedo
Mother Christmas
Wilted flower
Motor scooter
Octagonal sign
Clinking glasses
Black heart
Fox face

Emojipedia also posted a list of proposed emoji that are not yet at the candidate stage but could still become a part of it. It includes:

Sneezing face
Baguette bread
Green salad
Stuffed flatbread
Shallow pan of food
Tumbler glass
Drum with drumsticks
Shopping trolley

While we think they still missed some key emoji, it’s still pretty great to finally see the avocado emoji in action. But let’s be real: nothing will ever be better than the poop emoji.