Communication Manager, Art Director, Journalist


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Communication Specialist, Journalist
Art Director & Creative Omnichannel, Branding, PhotoEditor, Fact Checker,
– Creativo di formazione (lateral thinking & problem solving),
– Giornalista professionista (Coordinator, Editor, Content Creator)
– Comunicatore di esperienza (Communication Plan, Branding & Naming, Crisis Communication)
Entrepreneur in Best Practices and Smart Ideas in social networking
Communication Specialist > since 1987
Art Director Advertising > since 1988
Journalist > since 2001
Press Office & Communication Consultant > since 2004
(I have a dream: work in Green Economy area)

Martin Enrico Iglesias, class of 1966, has gained more than 30 years of experience in the field of Communication, consolidating diversified skills of Graphic Creation and Copywriting in advertising agencies directing various graphics teams within pure advertising field.
Arrives to Professional Journalism with the 2001 National Journalist registration. Has managed graphical editorials of periodicals. Handled Communication Plans and Press Office Operations for significant clients in an international and multi-national nature as well as institutional and cultural.
Ultimi incarichi: Giornalista Grafico a Il Corriere della Sera, Communication Manager nel settore Digital Signage e Omnichannel.

Nome e Cognome: Martin E. Iglesias
Telefono: 3395834637