Milano – Dynamic PR Professional (minimum 5 years of related working experience)


Searching for a dynamic PR Professional to plan, develop and implement PR and media strategies for clients operating mainly in the online market, as well as managing a small team of people.

Candidates with minimum 5 years of related working experience preferably from PR agencies and with Digital Advertising/Martech/New Technologies (B2B); Lifestyle/Food/Wine/Travel (B2B/B2C)

Six must-have qualities:
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills (Italian and English) to create captivating content
• Strong media relations to ensure effective media coverage
• Digitally-savvy to offer a 360° approach
• Problem Solver and resilient to weather the storm, manage stress levels and deal with unexpected situations
• Flexibility to juggle between multiple projects/deadlines and handling eventual crisis all at the same time
• Good knowledge of project management for production of small events

Other requirements:
• Able to work from own home but based in Milan city
• Freelance worker
• Availability of time to dedicate to this project

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