The new Digital Services Package: a paradigm shift? A first look at the new EU rules on online services and their possible impact on the audiovisual industry

Internet-based services are about to see their world undergo a sea change. New EU regulation is in the offing, in the shape of the new Digital Services Act Package which aims at modernising the current legal framework for digital services. But what will be the impact of this legislative proposal on the audiovisual sector? High time to zoom into what this new legislative package proposes and so the European Audiovisual Observatory is inviting you to a first look at the new Digital Services Act Package in this free online conference. The conference is the seventh edition of the Observatory’s traditional “Brussels series” of events taking place annually in the Belgian capital. For obvious reasons this year’s event is taking place online on Thursday 11 February from 15.00 to 17.00 Brussels/Paris time. Registration is free by clicking on the link above.

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