L'editore tedesco Axel Springer acquista Politico, potente sito di news Usa


Il colosso tedesco dei media Axel Springer– che controlla, tra gli altri, Business Insider, Die Welt e Bild, il quotidiano più venduto in Europa –  acquista il sito di informazione statunitense Politico. Sarà la più grande acquisizione aziendale nella storia dell’azienda, ha detto Springer in una nota.
Oltre a Politico, Axel Springer acquisirà anche l’edizione europea di Politico, di cui già possiede il 50 per cento, e il sito di tecnologia Protocol.

Giovedì è stato firmato un accordo per l’acquisizione completa con il fondatore di Politico Robert Allbritton. Springer ha rifiutato di rivelare il prezzo dell’acquisizione ma una nota specifica che continuerà a lavorare a Politico e a Protocol. L’operazione sarà sottoposta al via libera delle autorità competenti anche se Springer ha affermato di aspettarsi che la transazione avvenga nel quarto trimestre di quest’anno.

Robert Allbritton, editore del sito di informazione Politico (foto Newrepublic.com)
Robert Allbritton, editore del sito di informazione Politico (foto Newrepublic.com)

Come detto i termini finanziari dell’operazione non sono stati resi noti ma, secondo indiscrezioni, l’operazione avrebbe un valore di 1 miliardo di dollari. “Politico sarà complementare e rafforzerà il portafoglio di Axel Springer grazie alla sua voce autorevole in grado di offrire una prospettiva e analisi politiche da Washington e dagli Stati Uniti”, si legge in una nota ufficiale che riportiamo qui di seguito.
The publishing group Axel Springer signed an agreement to acquire POLITICO, including the remaining 50 percent share of its current joint venture POLITICO Europe, as well as the tech news website Protocol from Robert Allbritton. 
POLITICO will complement and strengthen Axel Springer’s portfolio with an authoritative voice offering inside perspective and analysis of politics and policy in Washington D.C., across the U.S., and around the globe. Together with INSIDER and Morning Brew, which are already part of the company’s portfolio, Axel Springer’s U.S.-headquartered news brands will have a significant reach.  
Over its 15-year history, POLITICO has emerged as one of the world’s most-influential news sources, and one of the preeminent models of successful media innovation in the 21st Century. Today, more than 500 journalists at POLITICO and its sibling publication Protocol, launched in 2020, help set the agenda on the most urgent issues dominating the global public policy landscape. With significant revenue derived from high-value business-to-business subscriptions and advertising, the publishing model has produced steady growth and healthy profits, and has a proven strategy for further robust expansion moving forward. 
Axel Springer and POLITICO in the U.S. have been joint venture partners since 2014, when they launched POLITICO Europe. The Brussels-based publication has since become an indispensable source of information in the EU and has continuously grown both its newsroom and its revenues and has been profitable since 2019.    
Mathias Döpfner, CEO Axel Springer, commented: “POLITICO’s outstanding team has disrupted digital political journalism and set new standards. A true North Star. It will be a privilege and a special responsibility to help shape the future of this outstanding media company. Objective quality journalism is more important than ever, and we mutually believe in the necessity of editorial independence and nonpartisan reporting. This is crucial for our future success and accelerated growth.” 
Robert L. Allbritton, Founder and Publisher of POLITICO and Protocol: “My 15-year adventure with POLITICO has been the ride of a lifetime. I reach this milestone with a sense of satisfaction that I hope is shared by every POLITICO. Together we have built what is without a doubt the most impressive and most enduring of the many experiments in new publications over the past generation. Particularly in recent years, we have put the emphasis on doing rather than boasting, and what multiple competitors have aspired to—a consistently profitable publication that supports true journalistic excellence—we have achieved.  
Above all, I have always known that ownership  is about responsibility. As POLITICO has prospered in recent years,  accompanied by the successful launch of Protocol,  it became steadily more clear that the responsibility to grow the business on a global scale, to better serve the audience and create more opportunities for our employees, might be better advanced by a larger company with a  significant  global footprint  and ambitions  than it could be by me as owner of a family business. As I have often said, I would only welcome a new investor that reflected my values and POLITICO’s distinctive company values. Axel Springer and Mathias Döpfner and his team meet that test better than any other company in media  today.  I look forward to working with them as publisher of POLITICO and Protocol as we reach even greater heights.  
Robert Allbritton will continue as publisher of POLITICO and Protocol. The editorial and management leadership teams of POLITICO in the U.S., POLITICO Europe and Protocol will remain in place, and will continue to operate their publications separately from Axel Springer’s other brands headquartered in the U.S. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the deal terms. Subject to regulatory approval, closing of the transaction is expected in Q4 2021.