First published in 1973 by a group of independent journalists, Prima is the leading Italian publication dedicated to the communications industry: the press, television, advertising and new media. Prima is the link between those who work for the media industry, those who own media assets and those who decide how media will change.
Prima informs and explains how both the information and entertainment businesses work and evolve, providing breaking news, in-depth analysis, profiles as well as figures on circulation, readership, audiences, etc.. Far from being a trade publication, Prima’s editorial profile can be compared to that of a newsmagazine. That is why Italian decision-makers and protagonists of the communications industry trust Prima as the most authoritative source of information for following and understanding what is happening in publishing, television, advertising, new media, multimedia and in the convergence of tv and telecommunications; it introduces leading personalities and their stories and provides information on the political, economical and financial implications behind every news item.

Prima’s readers are top-level professionals in every sector of the media industry:
– Publishers, editorial directors, editors, circulation managers, marketing managers of publishing houses;
– Televison executives, producers, anchors, programmers;
– Advertising managers, media planners;
– Advertisers;
– Public relations managers, press officers;
– Media investors;
– Journalists;
– Politicians;
– Academics.

Twice a year, in June and December, Prima offers its readers Uomini Comunicazione, a directory of around 12,000 PR, Corporate Affairs and Marketing professionals in the most important Italian corporations and institutions.
Once a year, Prima offers Uomini Comunicazione PA: a yearly directory of Public Administration communicators, established in the year 2000 with law number 150. It includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of spokesmen, executives and officials in press offices, communication and advertising offices and URP’s (User/Citizen Relations Offices) of the central and local Public Administrations.
Once a year, Prima also publishes Il Grande Libro della Stampa Italiana, the most up-to-date media book on Italian press, reporting the history of more than two hundred newspapers and magazines, including facts and figures on their corporate structure, share capital, shareholders, circulation and readership.